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When you need assistance with a voice project, the methodologies are not really that different from hiring any other professional. Of course, there is a need to evaluate the talent and match for your project, but there’s also the standard business matters of professionalism, reliability and, of course, pricing.

Project size is irrelevant when it comes to the latter factor. A professional individual will give their best work, whether it’s a small telephone greeting or a multi-million dollar ad campaign. Getting the right voice is vital, too. It may well be the first point of contact your future customer has with you, so a match that suits your ethos, the goals of the campaign and the demographics of the people you wish to appeal to is vital.

Matching the voice is something that needs more consideration then you may think, and it a process that will go a lot smoother if you know what you’re looking for to start with. Of course, your first consideration should be the audience you’re aiming for. You also need a firm idea of what you’re selling, and how and what aspirational aims it may engender in consumers. You need a firm idea about the message being delivered- advertising a new product is quite different to providing a public health warning, for example. Know what your audience is interested in hearing and what they will react well to. Lastly, have a good idea what you expect from the talent, too, so that you can make those intentions clear from the start. All of these considerations will help lead you to a narrower category of actor, and make your search easier- you’ll know, for example, if an accent will work for your needs, what gender will appeal most or whether it matters at all [it often doesn’t]. The voice you choose will have a lot to do with your brand itself, and should match with your overall brand perception and aims as well as the campaigns.

Once you have that information, it will be easier to sort through various voice demos. Remember to listen to more than one demo per talent, so that you get a sense of the breadth of their abilities and what they truly offer. You may want to use professional voice over artists reviews to make the process easier, and direct recommendations are always a good thing- not only do you find out about the vocal abilities, but you will get a better insight into their reliability and professionalism that way. Otherwise, you will need to interview your potential short list and suss these things out.

Back in the day, you would be tied to the artists in your local area by the need to book studio time. Today, it’s more than possible to work with people remotely via home studio recordings. This has led to pleasant budget reductions, too- but remember that cheaper is by far not always better. Make sure you are choosing someone whose professionalism will drive your project to where you want it to be.

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