Know Blogging

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Blogging has become very popular these days but there are still many people that do not know exactly what blogging is. For those people that do not yet know what blogging is, they learn about blogging online and then perhaps have a go at it themselves. There are two ways you can blog, either you can blog for someone else or you can blog on your own website.

When the internet first appeared, if you wanted your own website you needed to know how to code so you could instruct the computer what to do but now, since the introduction of software like wordpress, there is no longer a need to know coding and so you can now easily create your own website to blog on. Some people just like to write blogs for other people’s websites but some like to have their own site so they can make money for their efforts and it are those people that would like to know how to create their own websites.

Apart from having access to coding software like wordpress, in order to create your own website that can be seen online, you will need a domain name and a host. The domain name is a unique name that only your website has and although you think you may have already thought of one, as there are already millions of websites online, you may find yours is already taken and so have a couple of back-ups ready in case you need them. The host is someone that will actually place your website on the worldwide web where it can be seen by anyone online.

Although there are some sites that offer you a domain name for free, the better ones usually require a little fee but not much. The host for your website will also want a fee and that fee will depend on how long a contract it is that you want. The charge will be per month but will be a higher per month charge if you only want one month and get cheaper the longer you want it, perhaps as long as two years. If you are hoping to make money from your website and this is your first attempt, you may only want to contract a couple of months of hosting in case the site does not work out. If it does of course, you can always lengthen the contract but it is doubtful you will get a refund if you want to stop it.

The creating of a website may be easy today but that does not mean getting visitors to the site has become any easier, in fact as more websites are created, it becomes harder. You will therefore want to apply SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to your website which should ensure that it gets visitors. As to whether or not you earn money from those visitors will very much depend on the content of your website and the quality of that content and so ensure you have a good design and high quality content.