Merits of Writing Your Autobiography

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I remember one time my professor in college told me that “great men never really write their own story… and if you are truly great, other people will definitely soon find your life amusing and interesting, and sooner or later, you will find them aching to etched your life story in a book.” There may be some truth to what my professor once said, for the truly great men that we know, like Socrates, Alexander the Great, Jesus, and many more never really wrote their own stories. People afterwards had found their lives very amusing, and consequently began to write about them. Hence, we ask ourselves: “Would it be better to have a biographer chase you down to find more about your life, or would you rather self-servingly write your own life story for others to read?” I guess the measure of true greatness would be to have other people pick the pieces and fragments of your life for the purpose of writing your own biography. But since we seldom have great people nowadays, I would acquiesce to the fact that it would be better to write our life story. “Review “How to write an autobiography” and you will definitely be on your way for writing a completely unique life story. However, there is still that nagging question that could always make us shy away from writing our autobiography, and that question is: “Is it vanity to write my own life story?” Beset with this nagging question, I would just remind myself about the beauty of the “Confessions” of St. Augustine and the being classic of the “Autobiography” of Benjamin Franklyn. Bearing these two classics in mind, I can say that there is still some merits in writing an autobiography, and let me delineate these merits.

• The first one is legacy. Unless you are the president of the United States, you will definitely find it hard to preserve your legacy or memory for your progenies to bask and muse in the future. The fulfillment of your innate desire for the survival of your memory hinges more on your capacity and determination to write down your life story.
• The second one is for inspiration. If your life is highly inspiring with its concomitant struggles and striving, you can readily write it down to inspire other people. Great anecdotes culled from the lives of great men and women are food for the sagging spirits. Hence, you are justified to write your life with the view in mind of uplifting the spirit of other people.
• Next, you should engage in writing your life for reflection. We sometimes forget the lessons of the past experiences, and we know that those who forget history are bound to repeat it. But if you set past experiences in writing, you’ll have a concrete reminder of your past mistakes and triumphs.
• You can also engage yourself in writing your life story to while away your time. This reason is good enough because writing can heal your past emotions and pains. It can be cathartic to you.
• Lastly, you may write your life story for the sake of writing it. You may be running out of reasons for writing your life story. You may simply engage then in writing for the vanity involved and associated with it.