Photographic Websites

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Photographic websites online are on the increase but not all of meet with success. One of the reasons that not all the photographic websites meet with success is due to the unfortunate fact that WordPress does not really give the same support to photographic websites as it does to regular websites. There is of course little doubt that wordpres is excellent in helping people to create their own websites, as the fact that 50% of all sites online today, were created with the assistance of it. However, once the website has been created, wordpress affords more support to regular websites than it does to the photographic ones it also helped to create.

All is not lost though as there are websites like My Photo CTO which can provide the extra support which wordpress fails to do. These websites have been specifically designed to assist photographic website owners to maintain their websites in as effective manner as possible. One of the things that this particular website does even if some of the others may not, is give advice as to exactly what aspects of wordpress are beneficial to photographic websites and which ones are not. In this regard they even have the relevant, beneficial aspects available as downloads, saving photographic website owners from having to download the complete wordpress package.

To get an idea of how useful websites like these can be to photographers, you need look no further than the name of the one mentioned above as in that instance, the CTO stands for Chief Technology Officer and that is exactly what the website can be used for, looking after a photographic website’s technology needs and doing at a much more affordable price than hiring a technology officer of its own. The site gives advice from before the photographic website’s conception all the way through to its success as one of the more dominant photographic websites on the worldwide web.

Today there are apps for almost everything and many of those apps can be useful to photographic website owners. However, not all the apps are as useful to a photographic website owner as they claim to be and for that reason, the above site and some of the other sites like it, list the best apps for photographic websites. As far as the site mentioned is concerned, the apps they recommend for photographic website owners are:

Wunderlist – This is an app which collects all your thoughts and places them in list form where they are far more easily accessible than post it stickers stuck all over the place.
Quip – This is an app which was created by Bret Taylor, Facebook’s former CTO and is said to be used by Facebook own Mark Zuckerberg which probably adequately confirms it ability to be useful if the website has several different projects going on at the same time.

There are several others but you get the idea: Check one of these websites before buying a n app as you could save yourself from buying an app which is of little or no practical use to you.