Problems with Moving

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Although there are many potential problems when you come to move, one which is particularly troublesome is the end of tenancy cleaning which has to be done if you were a tenant. The standards which the end of tenancy cleaning have to attain are very high and so this means a lot of arduous, time-consuming work in order to reach those high standards. Although that may not seem like too much of a problem at first, the problem often arises that despite all the hard work put in, the property manager does not consider the property to be of as high a standard as it was when you moved in.

This problem can be a financial one to the tenant as the property manager will then hire a professional cleaning company to clean the property and bill the tenant for the cost of cleaners. To exasperate this problem, the manager may hire the cleaners to clean the whole house even though they only found one or two problem areas.

How this potential problem can be avoided is for the tenant to hire the professional cleaners themselves so they know the property will meet with the property manager’s approval. Of course, though this does mean that the tenant still pays for the cleaners at least they saved themselves the trouble of cleaning the property themselves first. Another benefit that this provides is that it can be a relatively cheap end of tenancy cleaning as the tenant only has to hire the cleaners to clean any rooms they expect to have trouble with, perhaps the kitchen or bathroom. The cleaners charge by room and area and so this option can be significantly cheaper than the manager hiring them to clean the whole house.

Another benefit which the tenant can achieve by hiring the cleaners themselves is that it can save them a lot of time and also a lot of stress, wondering if the property will meet the exacting standards. The whole household can also benefit by professional cleaners being hired as they are quick and efficient, causing far less disruption that would be caused if a tenant were to do the cleaning themselves.

Regardless of any cleaning problems a tenant may or may not have during the end of a tenancy, this is a time of stress as many things need to be done or at least arranged, the setting up of the new home for instance. With the possibility of new schools to find for the children, new routes to the shops or even to work, whilst remembering to send everybody change of address details, a tenant on moving barely has time for cleaning tasks and so if they hope to get everything completed in time, to an adequate standard, stress is bound to set in.

Regardless of how long you have been a tenant, the strict cleanliness standard will remain the same and property managers are often unforgiving in this matter regardless of the situation a tenant may find themselves in.